Pool and Spa Controls

Typical controls for pool pumps and heat pumps are often difficult  and awkward to use at best, and usually are located in a small cramped plant room. We bring all of these functions and more back to our centralised Touch Screen, making the controls and monitoring simple and easy to use through our graphic interface.

Controls for filter pumps, heat pumps, and change over valves can be manually controlled from the Touch Screen.  As mentioned in Schedules, there are schedules for filter only or filter and heating. Rather than running your heat pump and filter pump constantly, the schedules can be fine tuned to heat and filter the pool in the most efficient way possible.

Measurements of the power consumed for pumps and heating can be graphed and displayed in kWh and translated in to dollar figures based on your current power rate. This information can help to tune the schedules to operate as efficiently as possible.

The interface is also able to maintain a steady pH level by measuring the waters pH and administering dilute acid. This treatment schedule runs completely automatically and the water condition can also be graphed so you can see the pools behaviour over time.

Pool Graph Pool Schedules