Lighting Control and Scenes

All lighting controls are brought back to the Touch Screen. This gives the user the ability to see and control every lighting circuit around the house from one central location.  

Scenes are also introduced with the Touch Screen. This allows control of multiple lighting and other circuits (vents, pumps, etc.) from the touch of one button.

Scenes are typically broken up in to Larger ‘Global Scenes’, and smaller ‘Localised Scenes’.  The ‘Global Scenes’ affects a majority of the circuits in the  house and can include At Home, Party Scene, Goodnight, Away and Goodbye. The “Localised Scenes focuses controls on specific areas without effect on other areas. They can include Cooking, Casual Dining, Formal Dining, Bathroom Scenes (Shower, Toilet, Bath).

These scenes are able to be edited on the Touch Screen by the user in the scene edit page.

Scenes Scene Edit