Intellisys Touch Screens

Our 15” Centralised Touch Screens add a greater level of sophistication and control. The graphic interface is intuitive and allows for easy navigation and control of the entire house.

The large vivid screen not only allows control, but show feedback in a great level of detail. The operations of the screen add larger scene controls, scheduling, security control and whole house monitoring. We have developed very sophisticated scheduling interfaces for Irrigation, Under Floor Heating and Pool and Spa controls. Not only do the interfaces allow all of these services to run automatically, with the graph feed back pages allow to you fine tune each schedule to run as efficient as possible based on how you use each service.

The touch screen gives the user the ability to make changes themselves reducing the number of service call outs. Updates and changes that require our input are also able to be completed online.

Multiple screens can also be integrated throughout the house. Smaller C-Bus colour screens and monochrome  screens are also available , require onsite updating.

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