Testimonial - Michael Buttle - CLIENT

The difference between buying home automation products and buying a home automation solution. There are many products in the home automation market. Finding which ones fit your needs and getting them to work together is only one step on the path to home automation.

With the help of Des and Rohan, I was able to begin to understand what is possible, and more importantly, what we wanted. Until you know what you want and need it is very difficult to design a solution. Our home automation project started at the design stage of the house. With the architects plans we were able to plan with Des and Rohan the design of our solution.

This design incorporated:

• Electric circuit control

• Lighting management

• Audio and visual distribution (Sky, BluRay, AppleTV)

• Telephony (IP and analogue)

• Security, including gate and door controls

• Gate access key pads

• Pool systems

• Irrigation

To understand the above and how they can all be brought together was quite a task, but Des and Rohan patiently educated me and my wife. Once we understood, we were able to start making decisions on what we wanted, what suited our home, and what level of sophistication we wanted in each area.

The next hardest part was then to make sure that each contractor (electrician, security, builder) knew what was required of them and their part in the home automation solution. This is another area in which Des and Rohan excelled. We found that Des and Rohan have a very good and up to date knowledge and experience of the above systems. They also have the ability to explain this to the customer, and then extract information about what we actually want, and to design a system accordingly. During installation there was a lot of tedious work for Rohan to test every wire and every circuit. Rohan was a very tidy and efficient worker. He was very careful and treated our new house with respect.

From the design stage, through the quoting and ordering stage, to the installation stage, and then the commissioning stage, Des and Rohan were very professional. Always on time, always on budget, and always available to help. Their combined knowledge, expertise and experience gave us the solution we wanted. I do not hesitate in recommending Intellisys and welcome any enquires.


Michael Buttle

+64 21 301 458