eDLT - Enhanced Dynamic Labelling

The new eDLT is replaces the outgoing DLT and adds improved functionality, ease of installation and style.

The eDLT can do much more than just label the switch. It also has the ability to show the state of the device being controlled, including devices with multiple states, such as a ceiling fan. The eDLT can show that a switch is controlling a fan as well as the low, medium or high speed as a secondary text field. This feedback can also be used for devices like blinds or curtains to show their state, or the level of controlled devices, such as the brightness percentage of a light.

Other readings can also be displayed, such as time, date and temperature.

See further colour options and details in the eDLT Brochure

The new rocker buttons give a crsip look and add great functionality for two way controls. The intense tri-colour LED’s enable a variety of different colours which can be used to indicate status, levels, warnings etc.

The higher resolution multi-colour screen displays crisp and easy to read text and icons. There is a variety of colour combinations to choose from and there is the ability to change the colour of an individual control. For instance if a door being controlled is unlocked, the screen colour surrounding that button control may change colour to signify the door is unlocked.