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D-Box Motion Control - The 4th Dimension

D-Box motion control is the last word in the extreme movie experience. D-Box adds motion to theatre seating that follows the movie, from slow soft rocking of a boat on water, to the rumbles of the largest explosion John McClane can muster.

This is far more than a glorified bass shaker that has been seen in home cinemas for a while now. D-Box adds full motion to the seats with solenoids that has over an inch of travel up and down, forward and back. Each movement and vibration is precisely programmed by d-box programmers frame by frame and truly does deliver movie magic that needs to be experienced.


The D-Box product is very versatile and can be adapted to any single or double seat (couch). It is also able to be discretely installed into the Alloyfold luxury theatre seats where the solenoid packs are hidden in the arm rests.

Movies with D-Box

There are over 1500 movies that have now been coded, with many movies having the motion code being written in conjunction with the movies commercial release. So by the time it is launched on Bluray the codes will be ready for you to enjoy the action.