Introducing C-Bus pointOne, accredited integration professional.

“C-Bus pointOne is a program established by Clipsal to create a benchmark of excellence in the smart home and building automation industries,” said Clipsal’s Michael Jack, National Manager, Systems Integrator Services.

A C-Bus pointOne Integrator is a group of specialist systems integration companies who have the technical knowledge and practical experience of a whole range of complimentary technologies to enhance the functionality of your residential or commercial premises. The one point of contact, C-Bus pointOne members make commercial and residential lighting control and automation applications an easier process. They do this by providing turnkey solutions for the design, project management, installation, integration, programming and support of Clipsal C-Bus and integration with products from third party manufacturers.

C-Bus point
One members are accredited integration professionals, who have been trained in all aspects of the Clipsal C-Bus system, and some have over 30 years of industry experience. They discuss what options are available to meet individual requirements and budgets, and have a broad understanding of automation products and develop a detailed solution to fit. They are often involved in the installation of the system, but also work with pre-existing installers to complete the project.

C-Bus pointOne has been created to allow the market access to the industry’s best skills and experience, and all members are backed by the industry’s number one brand, Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd. For these reasons, when you see the C-Bus pointOne brand, you will know you are getting the best integrators of automation and lighting control products working on your project.

C-Bus point
One accredited integration professionals operate across Australia and New Zealand in both the commercial and residential sectors of the automation and lighting control market, and provide solutions for existing and new buildings. They are able to offer their services to the home owner, builder, electrician, architect, building designer, interior designer, facilities manager, consultant and anyone involved in the decision making process in either the residential or commercial building sectors.

Intellisys - C-Bus pointOne Integrator

In addition to these services, as a C-Bus pointOne Integrator, all C-Bus hardware provided by Intellisys has an extended 4 year warranty. Our direct working relationship with Schneider Electric ensures we can provide extremely competitive pricing and can also secure project pricing for large projects.

“Whether it’s home or building automation, lighting control, home cinema, multi room audio, motorised blinds, air conditioning, irrigations systems, security, building management, boardroom fit outs, you name it; a C-Bus pointOne professional can provide the necessary expertise to deliver an easy-to-use integrated solution and not just complicated high-tech equipment!”