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Anamorphic Wide Screen Projection

While television is now broadcast in 16:9 wide screen and all current TVs are in 16:9 ratio, the majority of movies produced are in 2.35:1 - 2.40:1 anamorphic wide screen.

When these anamorphic wide screen movies are viewed on a 16:9 screen the image becomes a lot smaller to fit the image widthwise in the screen. You then get the annoying black bars above and below the image, where you wish there would be picture. you can zoom in on the image to fill up the black areas, however you then cut off the side of the image.

Projecting to a full 2.35:1 - 2.40:1 picture completely transforms the viewing dynamic and really pulls you in to the scene. The movie no longer looks like you are viewing from a window, but becomes an extension of the room you are in.