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Acoustic Treatment

The acoustic properties of any room plays a very important role in the quality of sound that you hear and experience. Whether it be for listening to classical music or watching the latest blockbuster action movie, correct room acoustic treatment will improve the listening experience with any sound system.

One can spend thousands of dollars on very expensive speakers and other A/V equipment, but never get to hear the sound system’s true potential. A medium cost system that is set up in an acoustically treated room has the ability to sound better than a more expensive system in a room without treatment. While certain aspects of what you hear may improve with the more expensive set up, you may find you still have to turn down the bass as it is too “boomy”, or reduce the total volume as there are too many reflections, creating a badly imaged and incoherent sound.

An acoustically treated room will allow you to hear crisp and articulate dialogue, precise imaging and feel the deep rumble from the subwoofers at a level that is balanced, not overpowering and at consistent levels in all the listening positions in the room.

Acoustic Treatment in Other Areas

Acoustic treatment is not only confined to the cinema room, but can also be used in other rooms of the house to reduce the amount of echo and reflection that is common in many modern and contemporary architecture.