Intellisys Ltd is an Auckland based company, specialising in Home Automation, A/V and Theatre design and implementation. We operate out of a stunning cliff-top show home situated in Gulf Harbour, neighbouring the International Gulf Harbour golf course. We have been in business for 12 years and have completed many stunning Automation and AV projects all around New Zealand. Intellisys is also one of a select few of integrators in NZ that is a C-Bus Point One Partner of Schneider Electric NZ.

Our Services

Our designs integrate lighting control, security and access control, multi-room A/V, home theatres, VOIP and data networks, irrigation systems, pool equipment, heating/ventilation, blinds, louvres and curtains etc. Our designs also focus on managing the use of resources such as power and water to minimise on-going running costs in both residential and commercial projects.

We design systems to provide comfort, security and a sophisticated, yet easy to control living environment. We provide controls via easy to use key switches, centralised fixed touch-screens, smart phones and tablets. We also ensure that owners and selected service providers can connect remotely via the computers or smart phones to control and/or maintain all aspects of the Home Automation.

Intellisys Show Home

All this and more are on show at our business premises and show home where we continue to develop and integrate newer technologies.

Please contact us for a demonstration.

Touch Controls at your fingertips

Introduction of tablet controls to your lounge room or home cinema can simplify the use of complicated A/V equipment by replacing the scattering of remote controls with one simple to use touch screen interface. The intuitive graphic menu’s are easy to navigate through and can also interface with your home’s automation.
Available for use on both iPad and Android based tablets.

D-Box Motion Control

D-Box Motion Control will change the way you watch movies.

D-Box is a motion platform for seating, and along with the motion code will turn your movies into a thrill ride of a lifetime. Every movement, impact and vibration in the movie is meticulously programmed, frame by frame, by the D-Box engineers. Whether it is a hard and fast racing sequence, explosions and gunfire or gentle rolling of waves, D-Box is able to make you feel that you are right there in the movie

We have recently completed the build of our “Black Art Cinema”.

Despite achieving stunning good looks, the aim of the rebuild was far more than aesthetics. A year of research and development was spent developing a room, with engineered acoustics being the primary focus.

The next important feature was to create large screen magic and installing an acoustically transparent 155” anamorphic wide-screen, discretely hiding away a THX Ultra 2 7.2 surround sound setup.

Settling in to the leather reclining cinema seating that is coupled to D-Box motion control platforms completely transforms your viewing pleasure, truly immersing you into the scene of the movie. Finally finishing off the aesthetics of the room without compromising the acoustic treatments is a covering of acoustic fabric which aids in darkening the room and can be printed and backlit.

Home Theatre Ipad and Android Tablet Control D-Box Motion Control
Intellisys Home Cinema
Theatre Seating

Sumptuous Cinema Seating

Bespoke cinema seating adds the finishing touch to a home cinema, enhancing comfort and appearance. The sumptuousleather reclining cinema seats from Alloyfold deliver just that.

Whether a mechanical recline or the very sophistocated electronic recline mechanism, the Alloyfold seats add a level of style and comfort that is perfect for watching movies. The seats are available in a range of  models, configurations, colour and finishing options.

Intellisys - Who are we?
Intellisys “Black Art” Cinema
Intellisys Home Automation
Intellisys Touch Screen New eDLT

A home automation system can combine and simplify the use of facilities and services in your home.

A common misconception is that home automation is just a “lighting control system”. Automation is however far more than that. There is the potential to control many day to day services in your home through one system. Facilities such as lighting, heating-ventilation-air conditioning (HVAC), ceiling fans, blinds, louvre’s and curtains, under-floor and under-tile heating, fireplaces, irrigation, pool and spa controls, security and access control, multi-room audio, A/V systems, bathroom facilities (ventilation, towel rails, mirror demisters) can be integrated together to work harmoniously in one system.

Once these devices are on the system, you are able to control each of these facilities from in- room switches, such as the new eDLT,  a dedicated centralised touch screen, or via iOS or Android devices (iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tablets etc).

Controls can also be in the form of a scene, where one button press initiates a variety of functions such as group lighting control, timers, or via a scheduled time control (e.g. irrigation schedules, pool heating and pump schedules, towel rails, electric blankets etc.).

There is also the option of having sensor switching, such as motion PIR, lighting lux level, temperature, water level sensors, rain sensors and many others.

There are many benefits to automation. Aesthetics of a room can be improved by reducing the number of switches and minimising different types of switches. Functionality is simplified, and once scenes, schedules, timers and other logic functions have been set, your house is not only controlled, but intelligently managed.

Home Automation - What can it do?
Intellisys Touch Screens
The New C-Bus eDLT

Our Centralised Touch Screens add a greater level of sophistication and control. The graphic interface is intuitive and allows for easy navigation and control of the entire house.

The Touch Screen also adds the features of global scenes, adjustable schedules, customisable irrigation controls, pool and spa controls and schedules, under floor heating controls and schedules and more.

Feedback information can be viewed on the Touch Screen such as door lock and alarms status from the security system, pool and spa heating and pH graphs, or room temperature graphs, security camera displays

The new C-Bus eDLT has just been launched and the new sleek design adds both improvements in form and function.

Available in a variety of finishes, the eDLT can have up to 16 different controls, features a multi-colour high resolution screen and multi-colour button LED’s.The new rocker style buttons complete the look and add improved functionality

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